Family Moment - Tribute to Nancy

Andrew Dotchin

My family moment was when we were looking for our first house and how we were in a two bedroom apartment on Aberdeen and Locke for 6 long years.  We liked our apartment but it was a dream to have our own place to call our own.  We found a realtor and we thought she could help us find our home but we did not find a connection with her she seemed out of place, so we went to an open house one day and found Nancy Dicosimo.  She made us feel right at home because she answered all our questions.  Nancy gave us her card and we known each other ever since.  We changed realtors and we started looking for a home again.  When we were looking at homes, Nancy would let me put in the postal code of the destination open house on her GPS.   Off I would go with my mom and dad for the ride in the car with Nancy. 

We looked for seven whole months and then we finally found the one, or at least we thought so.  This house was in Dundas behind a stream and we all loved it.  It even had a cat door.  This house seemed perfect, so we made an offer and arranged for a house inspection.  Unfortunately, when the house inspection was done it took two hours in the pouring rain.  We wanted the house but after the inspection and careful consideration we could not go through with it.  The house had too many problems, it was a fixer upper. We needed to find another home.

After some time went by, we were going for a walk on Dundurn Street and my Dad said, look at that nice house for sale.  My dad said, “I wonder how much it is and can we afford it”.  It turns out that the house went on sale that day and was within out budget.  We were very lucky to be the first ones to see the house and put in an offer.  A few days later the house inspection went through with positive results and the house was ours.  We were very excited that we would be moving in two months.

When it came to moving day, the movers showed up in a transport truck.  The movers were very quick as everything was moved out of our apartment.  The movers were very professional and were recommended by our real estate agent Nancy.  I remember the first time that I walked into the house and remembering how big it seemed and how much space was there.  The unpacking was done very quickly by my dad and was done in only a few days.  The empty boxes were saved and given back to the moving company.  This was a very environmentally friendly thing to do.

To this day we are very appreciative of Nancy for all her help, and we still keep in touch with her.  Every so often we meet up for dinner to reunite and thank her for everything that she did for us.  We finally have a place we can call our own.

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